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Jennifer's Testimonials





Upon first meeting Jennifer, you will be welcomed by a warm and caring spirit, dedicated to healing your body.  Her massage room is tranquil; the flickering of candles and sweet tunes playing in your ears makes the massage itself so beautiful.  Jennifer's massage is like a song; it's continuous and soothing and her hands rarely leave your body.  Her massage table is comforting and warm and your body melts into the blankets throughout the massage.  Being to many massage therapists for tension relieving massages, Jennifer's massage is my top choice for the utmost feeling of health and relaxation.    KELLY


I have been going to Jennifer for three years and she is the best.  I have tried other places and they do not come close to the wonderful service Jennifer delivers.  I have taken my guests from all over the country to Jennifer and they love her massage!






Jennifer is simply the best massage therapist out there.  I have been going to her for years now and she never fails to be able to tailor the massage to whatever my needs are that day. Occasionally when I am out of town and get a massage it is always lacking in comparison.  It goes to just reiterate that Jennifer is the best!     DEBBIE



I have been going to Renaissance Massage Studios for almost two years now.  I have scoliosis and arthritis.  When Jennifer started working with me I was in much more pain than now.   Jennifer is a professional therapist who will do the type of massage therapy that will be most effective in your situation.  She offers a feeling of peace and tranquility in her sessions.


Getting a massage at Renaissance is always a necessary treat! Jennifer is constantly learning new techniques and I especially like the monthly massage program.  Not only is it a wonderful deal, but it encourages me to stay consistent with my massages.


I have been visiting with Ms Alvarado now for 2 years.  I have had about 4 to 5 other massage therapists for the last 8 years.  I consider Jennifer to be my therapist and also a friend.  She has helped my body heal so well in the last 2 years.  Jennifer has been blessed with the knowledge to find areas in your body that are hurting and then she starts her process to help heal those areas.  I truly believe that God has  blessed be by just knowing Jennifer.

Thanks Jennifer!!!